4 Popular Weatherboard Cladding Options

Are you looking for the best cladding solutions for your home? Then choose weatherboard cladding or exterior wall cladding. Replacing or redoing old cladding will make your home look bright and beautiful. It gives a face-lift to your home, brightens the looks and also offers required protective shell to resist the onslaught of weather. Weatherboard cladding is available in different options. Timber is the most traditional option while fiber glass, metal and vinyl are favorite choices too. 

Strong planks or sheets of various materials are used for making weatherboards and are attached to the substrate of home. Here we list out the most popular cladding options along with their benefits and features.

• Timber
This is the most popular weatherboard for homes since olden times. Timber has a stunningly classy look and is available in varieties like cedar, pine, treated pine, etc. Timber needs regular maintenance to avoid rotting or splitting, hence proper painting and polishing is necessary. It is a bit expensive than other cladding options, but it will worth in the long run.
• Fiber
These weatherboards are made of cement, cellulose fiber and sand. These heavy and sturdy material needs painting and polishing. However, they are very resistant to environmental damages and are available in different designs and thickness. These can be primed for painting.
• Vinyl
Vinyl is the economical option as it does not needs regular maintenance. No painting and polishing is needed too. They resist weather and known for being lightweight. Vinyl does not fray, rust and rot and come in good warranties too. A large variety of textures, designs and colors have made vinyl a favorite choice of homeowners.
• Metal
In this category, you will find aluminum and corrugated steel as the major options of most homeowners. These are sturdy, but need to be installed properly for expansion and contraction of the metal, particularly in areas of high sunlight. Corrugated steel metal comes in easy to maintain colors. Also check this quality exterior wall panels online.

These are the major options available in the market to choose for weatherboard cladding. With many choices, choosing the right one is a difficult task. You will want to consider your style and budget before choosing the cladding. Choosing weatherboard cladding from the reputed and reliable professionals is essential to ensure good insulation and right fit for prolonged life of cladding.

There are hundreds of professionals that offer cladding services and solutions to choose from. Look for word of mouth advertisements and ask your friends and acquaintances for references and recommendations. Check out online sources such as directories, forums and review sites to gather some relevant information about reputed and reliable service providers. Genuine customer reviews will help you choose the right service provider.