Choosing An End Of Lease Cleaning Company

The moving process is very complex, and involves a lot of logistics. Especially tedious is the bond cleaning part, where the property has to be returned as close to its original state as possible, barring logical variations of course. The procedure of choosing an end of lease cleaning service provider should be done meticulously. Here are some pointers to look at when choosing an end of lease cleaning service.

Ask whether the company involves offers other services related to the end of lease. For instance, many end of lease cleaners are also interstate removalists. This way, hiring a blanket company for every task involved in the end of lease procedure reduces the stress and the costs involved. Ask the company whether they can offer any complementary services.

Apart from the best furniture removalists angle, ask the company whether they offer the option of cleaning the house using the cleaning supplies available in the house at the time of the moving. While this might seem like a convenient bargain, it should raise red flags with the client. It might cost more when they come with their own equipment, but it is always a guarantee of quality.

Do not just choose the company and stop there. The quality of the end of lease cleaning depends also on the people they send in for the job. Most of the time the companies involved in the cleaning also do normal domestic cleaning. Make sure the cleaners they send in for the end of lease cleaning job are adequately qualified and able to handle the job.

Before signing the contract, make sure the process is explained properly. This is why tenants are advised to do the preparations well in advance to give the ample time for the cleaning up process. Many such companies tempt customers with quick cleaning services that take two or three hours. The best end of lease cleaning services, depending on the size of the house and the scope of the cleaning, take more than a single wash and a few hours. Anyone who claims to be able to deliver quality in a matter of two or three hours should be given a wide berth.

The price they offer should include VAT. With VAT, the clients will be confident that the company they are dealing with is credible. VAT shows that the company is healthy in the industry and has a good business turnover. Another aspect of the cleaning process that lends credibility to the business is insurance. The cleaners are properly insured, to avoid cases of the tenant being stuck with millions in payments. Liability insurance is a necessity for the employees of every service provider.

Finally, ask around about the reputation of the company. Read especially the online reviews other previous customers have. Not all customers will come back and write a review when they have a good job done for them. However, when a poor job is done, chances are that there will be some complaints. One negative review in the midst of positives can be taken. A poor service provider will however have many negatives.